Welfare Programme

Mosman Anzac Memorial Hall Trust welfare assistance programme terms and conditions (Revised 17 May, 2021)

General: The aim of the MOSMAN ANZAC MEMORIAL HALL TRUST WELFARE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME (The Programme) is to provide eligible persons as defined by Section 21 of The MOSMAN ANZAC MEMORIAL HALL TRUST ACT (The Act) with welfare assistance in the form of reimbursement of medical/dental/ pharmaceutical/optical/ancillary expenses, domestic support expenses, medical appliances, utilities relief (in the form of energy and rates expenses), aged and home care expense relief, mortuary expense relief and any other form of assistance deemed necessary by The Trustees under The Act.

Applications: Applications can only be submitted by eligible persons on the current authorised Application/Claim Form. Application/Claim Forms are available on the Trust website at mamht.com or by emailing the Trust. Applications which are eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs(DVA), RSL, Legacy or other community assistance will be returned for submission to the relevant organisation in the first instance. In processing applications/claims, The Trustees will be bound by, and rigorously apply, the order of preference defined in Section 21(2) of The Act. The Municipality of Mosman is defined as Postcode 2088.

Criteria: In their assessment of applications, The Trustees will be guided by the following:

A. Medical/Dental/Optical/Pharmaceutical/Ancillary Expenses.

Eligible applicants in this category are “returned servicemen and women”, “war widows”, Mosman RSL Sub Branch members who have served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and their dependents and who enlisted for service or currently reside in Mosman, 2088.

    1. Eligible applicants who are unable to afford Private Health Insurance, or were not privately insured prior to joining The Programme for relevant cover, will be reimbursed the total cost, less the Medicare/DVA reimbursement.
    2. Eligible applicants who have Private Health Insurance will be reimbursed the ‘gap’ amount. Where no benefit is paid for the service provided by the Health Fund, no benefit will be paid by The Trust.
    3. Eligible applicants who had Private Health Insurance before joining The Programme and who have since ceased cover under Private Health Insurance for the particular claim will not be eligible for assistance under normal circumstances.
    4. Claims for cosmetic medical treatment, e.g. non essential plastic surgery, will not be accepted.
    5. Claims for cosmetic dental work including braces, scale and clean/calculus removal, performed independently of other treatments will not be accepted.
    6. Claims for dental crowns or bridges exceeding $1800 in cost will not be accepted and will be limited to one claim per calendar year. The maximum limit for all dental claims in the calendar year is $2000.
    7. Claims for non standard spectacle frames, including lenses, exceeding $600 in the calendar year, will not be accepted.
    8. Claims for massage, chiropractic and osteopathic treatments are limited to $1000 in the calendar year. These treatments must be referred by a General Practitioner or Specialist. Massages must be performed by a qualified physiotherapist.
    9. Claims submitted without an Item Number and not referred by a General Practitioner or Specialist will not be accepted
    10. Claims for non Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme (PBS) pharmaceuticals unsupported by a doctor’s prescription will not be accepted. There is no guarantee that all prescribed non PBS pharmaceuticals will be accepted. Acceptance will be at The Trustees discretion. Eligible applicants will not be reimbursed the initial contribution to PBS pharmaceuticals.


Maximum limit in this category for the calendar year is $6,000. Trustees may, in their absolute discretion, exceed this limit in exceptional circumstances.

B. Domestic Support
Eligible applicants who are “returned servicemen/women”, including their dependents and “war widows”, may apply for domestic support whether it is for mowing lawns, gardening, painting or other essential maintenance and repairs after exhausting all other avenues of support, eg; DVA, community organisations.

Maximum limit in this category for the calendar year is $5,000. Trustees, may in their absolute discretion, exceed this limit in exceptional circumstances.

C. Medical Appliances
Eligible applicants will be provided with essential medical appliances on presentation of a doctor’s (preferably specialist’s) certificate. Such applications will be assessed by The Trustees on a case by case basis.

D. Utilities Relief
Eligible applicants who are “returned servicemen/women”, including their dependents, and “war widows”, may be reimbursed a percentage of their Electricity, Gas, Water and Council Rates. Applications must be accompanied by receipts or direct debit notification and in the first instance only a copy of the Certificate of Service/Discharge. Claims with receipts of payment or direct debit noted, are to be batched and made quarterly immediately following payment. Eligible applicants who have a Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) may claim, with notice attached, quarterly before payment. A copy of the PCC is required in the first instance only.

Maximum limit in this category for the calendar year is $5,000.

E. Aged/Home Care Relief
Eligible applicants who are “returned servicemen/women”, including their dependents, and “war widows” may be reimbursed a percentage of aged care facility expenses if they enlisted in Mosman or their immediate residential address prior to entry into the aged care facility was in post code 2088, or, if receiving aged home care packages a percentage to increase the level of in home care if they enlisted in Mosman and/or their residential address is in post code 2088.

Maximum limit in this category is $1,000 per month for residential aged care and $2,000 per month for in home aged care.

F. Mortuary Relief
Eligible applicants may be reimbursed for mortuary expenses after all other claims, e.g; DVA, have been exhausted.

Maximum limit for this category is $5,000.

Eligible Term: The eligible term for application other than for utilities is six (6) months from the provision of the service.

Conclusion: Assessment and determination of applications is solely the responsibility of The Trustees within the guidelines provided in the Terms and Conditions. There is no appeal process with The Trustees determination final.